Friday, August 13, 2010

What Now goes mental with Flash

This is definitely someone very close to me should do to their boss.

alright so besides photography I do some pretty mental drawings and computer manipulated comedy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love. Walmart Style

Love. It's one of those things the Human strives for. Some find it young, others never find it. Some find it with every opposite sex person they meet, others find it in jail.
I knew these 2 found love from the my first look at them, and dating has never been so convenient when they can "scoot" to the local Walmart, grab some dinner and eat it under the blue glow of their television set.

Monday, June 29, 2009

How 16 year old wiggers made my day.

So the snowy nights project is on hiatus due to, well, no more snow. What now? Well I guess I'll start giving the 2 people who read this a little insight into my delusional (sp? doesn't look right to me but I'll trust spell check) world. So here goes. This will be my captains log of life and generally the theme will be what made my day. Don't worry I'm not gonna write about the email I got with the cute picture of a horse nursing baby giraffes. fuck that. I'd rather write about how 16 year old wiggers almost made me piss my pants. But first a photograph.

I'm pretty sure this horse never nursed any baby giraffes.

So I'm driving in the northern suburbs name Buffalo Grove, when I reach a stoplight. A SUV drives up in the lane next to me and the first thing I hear is "YO" in a slow and crackly voice. I look over and one of the white boys is hanging out of the back seat window with his arms spread wide. The next thing I hear is the mild sounds of what the kids these days call "gangsta rap" I turn my head and see 3 white 16 year olds in their mom's grocery getter listening to, oh let's say Lil Wayne. These kids weren't blaring or bumping Lil Wayne, but the loudness was set to a nice level that would suit Beethoven. That was it, I busted out laughing as loud as possible and pointing my finger. I couldn't stop these kids were so not hard. They were desperate to believe their mom's Acura was an Escalade with spinners. They thought they were rollin hard, probably on their way to get some ice cream with their girlfriends Heather, Heather and Heather. The kids saw me laughing at them and kinda laughed back but they knew. They knew I knew how fucking lame they were and that was my highlight of the day.

Please note if you did not find this funny then chalk it up to you should have been there.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man, Did I Miss You Snow. 2-18-09

It hadn't snowed in over a month and I really began to miss the white flakes that I use to find so complicating to my life. I would watch the weather channel anxiously waiting to see when the next snowfall would come. It took a month, but when the sky finally decided to open up it was an absolutely beautiful storm. These photographs were a trip through the city on the Blue and Brown lines of the El. I ended up on the northside off of Irving Park Ave.

On a packed train, a man finds his escape by reading a book while being only inches from snow.

A lonely cold walk home

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Insanely Coldness from 1-18-09

cold weather has been wreaking havoc on Chicago. -5 one day, 0 the next. making it worse for everyone, snowstorms dropped over a foot of snow adding to the misery.

construction of a sinkhole

no matter the storm, there's always time for a run to the liquor store.

a jewish cemetary

a cold ride home.

more reserved parking

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Insanely Cold Weather

reserved parking

the roof of an underground part of union station

Sunday, January 11, 2009

snowy nights: 1-10-09

A jaunt through Oak Park.

This guy continually dumped his child from her sled while pulling it around

Frank Lloyd Wrights home.